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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Foo Fighters - Best of You

Lots and lots of things going on lately. Coachella this weekend is the biggest excitement :) That's all I've been talking about. And probably will be talking about for awhile. But besides that great moment, school and work are pretty much the routine.

This one goes out to the bestie. It's the song that brought us together so he would say. 

(Spotify finally added red hot chili peppers to their catalogue btw :) )

So Sophomore year of high school, my musical taste pretty much consisted of J-pop (WFL love!). So not listening to English music and never having cable at my house, pretty much put me out of the loop with most things. How did I have friends? haha. Anyways, finally I came out of that J-pop phase, and this was one of the songs I said I really liked.  Then I think finally at that point Eric thought I might actually be cool. And we've been close every since. So thanks Foo Fighters for bringing us together. And I am extremely excited to spend your birthday weekend with you at Coachella Eric <333333


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