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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rich Neeley Designs

Over at Gadchick this is a little contest going on for these adorable iphone/ipad chargers. Book lovers need to get their hands on these things. Seriously! They are so creative. I have been thinking of doing a little feature on different etsy shops that I like or items that I find while browsing the site. Make myself a little etsy wishlist on this site. This would definitely make the list. I may not read as many books as I like to, but I get totally engrossed when I do. I like the have a book in my hand, just lay on my bed, and read. This would be a cute addition to my room. Look at a few of designs that Rich Neeley Designs has.

head over to Gadchick to take a part in this contest and win one of these cute things!


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